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Brainspotting (BSP) is a revolutionary new Power Therapy of the 21st Century

which offers rapid and profound change for many issues such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Physical Pain, Chronic Illness, and much more.


Brain-based therapy is the fastest growing area in the field of psychological health because it has proven that it can immediately address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal.

BSP taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-scanning and self-healing ability, and so regulates the nervous system to help people feel at ease in their own skin.


During a session, the aim is to bypass the slower thinking part of the brain to access the deep embodied emotional brain, which promotes healing at warp speed.

I am very proud to be a fully qualified Consultant in Brainspotting and a member of the BSPUK training team.

I am also a trained Brainspotting Therapist in Ruth Chiles´s method for resolving Focal Dystonia. I work closely with her to enable musicians and other people who suffer from this debilitating condition to return to full fluidity in their coordination and fine motor skills.

Case Study - Sarah's Story

I have experienced depression and anxiety for the last 12 years. It has had a major impact on my life. I was working full time when I had my first depressive period. I was signed off work for a month and returned once I thought I was better. Over the following years I experienced over 10 separate bouts of depression with each one lasting longer and longer - my last one was over two years long.


When I become depressed it has a debilitating effect on me; I am unable to work, my concentration and memory is severely impaired, I can feel suicidal, simple everyday tasks require the most momentous effort, I feel a complete and utter failure at everything and life is really very black. The best way to describe it is having fallen down a deep well and being unable to climb back up the  slippery walls. A trigger would usually cause me to ‘trip’ into depression and as time went by these triggers didn’t need to be much to send me flying head first down to the bottom of the well.


Over the years I have tried many things to help me including mindfulness, counselling, exercise, yoga, changed my diet and taken anti-depressants. These can help when I am feeling well but when I am at the bottom of the dark cold well nothing does much to lighten the darkness.


Until I met Georgie. Counselling with Georgie has completely changed my life and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. Even after our first session my mood lightened and it felt like a tonne of bricks had been removed from my shoulders. I felt energized to start living life again. I had never heard of brain spotting and to start with was cautious about what it could do. However even after the first brain spotting session, I felt a release. This technique combined with Georgie’s insightful and practical counselling approach has helped me to transform my life.


Georgie is also a mindfulness teacher and skilfully brings this into our sessions and suggests practices for me to do in between our sessions. This combined with keeping herself up to date with the very latest developments in neuroscience means I have 100 percent confidence in Georgie helping to keep me in a good place.


I have been seeing Georgie on a weekly basis and at some stage, when we have worked through most of my ‘issues’,  we will make these less frequent. It is reassuring to know Georgie will be there for when I need help or have a dip. Counselling is an investment. That investment is helping me to now live an amazing life that I love living.


Sarah B

"Georgina is like a warm ray of sunshine. She's an empathetic listener, but also provides you with practical information and actionable tools to help between sessions. BrainSpotting with her shifted my mindset and helped me move forward after feeling so stuck".

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