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Codependency Recovery

Recovery from Codependency will empower you to take charge of your life by learning to value your own feelings, opinions and needs. By doing so, your self-esteem increases and you can find the courage to challenge old childhood patterns and beliefs. These changes take time, patience and mindfulness.


As a Codependency therapist, I can help you look at your painful patterns and learn new ways of responding in relationships with others.


You will define who you are and begin to live your own life and fulfil your own dreams. By regaining your authentic self, you can enjoy more healthy functional relationships with yourself and others.

What is Codependency

‘Codependency is a disease that deteriorates the soul’ CODA.ORG


Codependents often try and control and fix other people’s problems in order to feel wanted and liked. They will focus on others and suppress their own emotions and needs.


This behaviour deteriorates their very soul as they deny who they truly are. It diminishes their spiritual growth and as a result they experience low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness.


Codependents often struggle to have healthy, balanced relationships, and often remain in abusive relationships far too long only to split up and get back together over and over again. This painful process is exhausting and demoralizing.

“Codependency is a strategy developed by children, usually under duress, to obtain love or approval from troubled parents, caretakers or peers.” Carl Benedict.
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