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I use a model of psychotherapy called TA (Transactional Analysis), which is a talking therapy.

What is TA?


TA therapy is designed to promote personal growth and change by better understanding ourselves and how we relate to others.


In our sessions, we will explore how your personality has been shaped by past experiences – and look at how to change the patterns that do not currently help you in your life. 


We will look at easily-accessible models such as Ego States, the Drama Triangle and "I’m OK-You’re OK" to help you understand how you can make changes so you become happier and more fulfilled in your life and relationships.


TA is often used in education settings, coaching, parenting and business and is very successful in conflict resolution.

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy is very useful for:


  • Helping people take more responsibility for their own thinking, feeling and behaviours
  • Creating changes in your life
  • Increased awareness
  • Promoting personal reflection and insight
  • Helping people improve their communication skills with others leading to more harmonious relationships - this is why TA is used in large organisations and schools
  • Learning how to decrease unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours in a similar way to CBT

Case Study - Lisa's Story

I have been working with Georgie Hall now for just over a year following 'burn out' after a lot of personal problems and a particularly tough couple of years.  I have previously only had bereavement counselling so this type of counselling is all new to me and I didn't really know what to expect.


What has been great for me with Georgie are two things in particular.  

Firstly Georgie never ever passes judgement and is very reassuring that my many (usually emotional) responses are perfectly normal.  This is reinforced with a lot of sharing and explanations of theory.  For me this is the thing that really helps, understanding the psyche and how the brain works has been a massive learning curve for me but one that has helped me both understand, and importantly, learn to manage my reactions and feelings in difficult situations.


Secondly Georgie always makes the link between my feelings and emotions when I am relaying a situation and explains the theory behind it, thus enabling me to understand my reactions further. The link is the key for me in understanding and therefore in being able to do something about it (if I choose to) to manage my emotions and be both more stable and settled, but also more forgiving of myself and feeling more normal and much less like I'm losing the plot!  


Understanding the part others play in relationships, different roles and needs is key. This has helped me to understand others actions and reactions, whilst also enabling me to walk away from these if I need to or to recognise where I have needs that are not being met. This in turn has helped me to think about how else to meet those psychological needs and take better care of myself, especially in learning how to recharge my batteries.  


In summary Georgie has helped me a great deal and therefore I would not hesitate to recommend Georgie to anyone that might need her help.

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